Remember that time a woman was breast feeding in Tottus?

Or in the market? Or walking down the street? These are all phrases I have heard one of my roommates say. She has this quirky (read: annoying) habit of stating things of “note” that just took place in this way; ie “remember that time Ashleigh punched me in the face because I couldn’t stop acting like an entitled twat?” That’s just an example folks (well, for now anyway). She has commented on, and essentially expressed her discomfort with public breast feeding several times since I’ve been here, mind you, I’ve been here less than a month. Sometimes I try to chalk it up to age, sometimes I try to blame America’s lack of normalizing images of nursing mothers, but at the end of the day, I just can’t reconcile it. You have a vagina, how does breast feeding make you uncomfortable?! Not to mention, that was sort of the original intention of boobs… I know breast feeding is a highly personal decision. I have worked with moms who have nursed for six months, 14 months, 2 years, and others who never did. And I respect every single one of them. Mostly because regardless of what they chose, they knew better to turn their nose up at someone who didn’t do the same thing.

I know with quite a bit of certainty that if there wasn’t a “no child shall pass” notice inscribed in my womb, I would breast feed. I think it’s healthy. I think it creates a unique bond between a mother and her child. I think it’s beautiful. Every time I see one of these mothers nursing in a public forum, I want to hug them. Every time I see everyone being completely unphased by these women nursing, I want to bottle that up and spray it all over the American public when I get home. But since there’s no bottle big enough for that and it would be pretty awkward if I ran up and hugged every nursing mother I saw, I’ll just continue to give them all a mental thumbs up when I see them.

One thought on “Remember that time a woman was breast feeding in Tottus?

  1. yes! i love this post. and i do think you should hug all the moms you see nursing in public whenever you come back to america. 😉 i think most of us would love it!

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