Ciao Trujillo!

Ciao trujillo!

Wow, these past few months have flown by, and as usual, I have completely failed to keep my blog updated.

Last night I left the Horizon house for the last time. It ended up being way more emotional than I anticipated. For better or worse, that was my family since February. A few volunteers have come and gone during my stay, but we had a good group that I am surprisingly sad to leave.

We went out for a great sushi dinner last night to celebrate Shabby’s birthday, as well as a goodbye dinner for me. Our director Thomas had left for the weekend, so we headed out with 8 girls and huge appetites and had a great dinner. When we returned to the house, I did one final sweep for my things, sent a few texts and took my bags downstairs. We all hung about the kitchen for a bit and chatted about how I’m feeling about going to Honduras. I ceremoniously declared that I was leaving behind a quarter bottle of Jameson and a large jar of Jif peanut butter (hot commodities in these parts), which was literally met with cheers. Then I had to go get a cab. It might have been Jeana who said she’d walk with me. Then Sophia wanted to go too, and Ella. By the time I finally left the house, everyone had decided join my last pilgrimage down to the Pan Americana. In typical Esperanza fashion, everyone gawked at the huge group of gringos and one Negrita walking down the street together, talking and laughing uproariously. Also in typical Esperanza fashion, I almost got hit by a car (clearly there are some things I won’t miss). After the driver piled all my junk into the trunk there were hugs and goodbyes and second hugs and a few tears. And like that, my time at Horizon, and in La Esperanza, were done.

I am definitely looking forward to my time in Honduras, but there were so many good parts of my time in Peru, I will really miss it. I’ll miss my students and my neighborhood. I’ll miss making eye contact with Jeana and Thomas when we’re out on the weekends and wordlessly deciding that we are too old party with 18 year olds until 5 am, and head home. I’ll miss chanting “Sopiiiiiiia, Sopiiiiiiia!” when my fairyesque roommate would come upstairs. Ill miss Ella’s blunt way of observing life (a girl after my own heart) and her adorable Dutch accent. I’ll miss having “significant other iPad time” with Jeana. I’m sure she weirdly feels like she knows Erika, just like I feel like I know her boyfriend Chris, from overheard conversation pieces lol. I’ll miss weekend trips, group dinners, and trips to the mall for McDonalds ice cream cones.

My home away from home has been good to me for these past few months. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve grown a lot, and eaten some great ceviche. Now it’s off to my next adventure in
Honduras, which I’m sure will warrant a few blog post 🙂

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