Half Way There!

As of today, May 15, 2014, I have 17 more days in Honduras. I have very mixed feelings about that. Two and a half weeks is a drop in the bucket in comparison to how long I’ve been gone and I know this time will fly by. These first two weeks in Honduras have been a whirlwind; I’ve seen a lot and done a lot in such a short period of time, who knows what these last weeks will hold. I look forward to whatever they bring, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m also wishing this time goes by quickly. While I love my work here, there is a part of me that is starting to check out, extended travel isn’t for the faint of heart. I am ready to be back home. And not some glamorized version home, I actually miss basic things like cooking dinner and working 50 hours/week. But I know I will miss my adventure here, even though it’s been filled with highs and lows. And now, because I enjoy making lists, here’s one:

Things I’m going to miss:
-Speaking Spanish constantly, it has been amazing practice and sometimes I am shocked at how much I actually know.
-Watching babies be born, there are few things more beautiful than that moment
-Morning chats with my host mom over coffee
-Creating good relationships with the interns and nurses at the hospital
-Post hospital debriefing and nightly veg sessions of watching The Wire with Krista
-Connecting with the different mothers I meet and helping to comfort them during their labor
-My insanely hard and insanely awesome Zumba class that is literally right next door.

Things that I’m crazy excited to do when I get home:
-Have a million “bone crushing” hugs with Kirthi. I miss that kid unbelievable amounts!
-Make a phone call without having to worry about running out of minutes or hoping the internet will connect the call.
-Have some serious cuddle time with my girlfriend
-Talk to my sister 600 times/day about absolutely nothing, just because we can
-Wear a pair of heels! There hasn’t been occasion to dress up since I’ve been gone, so don’t judge me if I spend a few weeks being “that girl” wearing stilettos at the grocery store lol
-Register for Nannypalooza. Yes, the nerd in me can’t wait for professional development lol

We’ll see what the next few weeks bring!

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