An Apology…

So occasionally something will go on during my day and I make a mental note the I should blog about it at some point. Sometimes I even take a physical note because lord knows I can’t remember anything. But what I am realizing, is that very often these things have less to do with my trip, and more about my views on life, the world, etc, that I began thinking about because of something that has occurred since I’ve been here.

So I decided to write an apology post of sorts. I mean, in fairness, my blog is called Princesa in Peru, so if you’re looking for a proper travel blog…whoops. Sometimes even the best of intentions turn out different than we anticipate. There will be posts about my trip, definitely, but I’m finding this blog is turning out to be a bit more than that. I’d consider it 1/3 travel blog, 1/3, personal views, and 1/3 therapy session for me.

So if you’re down with a few pictures, a few travel stories, and a little (or a lot) of venting, stick around 🙂