I’m Heeeeeeeeere!

I made it to Honduras on Sunday afternoon. I got to San Pedro Sula after the last bus departed, so I spent the night In a hostel and took the bus the next morning. Honduras is markedly different than Peru, in many ways. First and foremost, it’s hot as hell here! I mean, I get it; Central America, summertime, blah blah blah. But good lord it was to a shock to my system that first day. I like the energy here in La Ceiba, you can really feel the Caribbean influences here. I also hear way more English here than I anticipated, but that works in my favor if I’m feeling really confused about anything.

I’m doing a home stay here with a wonderful woman named Doña Duña. She has a really good spirit about her and has done a great job of making me feel welcome without overwhelming me. Her house is adorable and has a great front patio where I anticipate doing a lot of post hospital reading and writing. I have my own room with my own bathroom, which is HUGE change from sharing a room with three other people and a bathroom with at least five others like in Peru.

Silvia (the director of Dar a Luz) is so warm and welcoming. I spent yesterday afternoon with her and her family, which was quite nice. She has a two year old son who is adorable! She gave me a good overview of what to expect in the hospital and although I’m a bit nervous, I’m ready to jump in. I have orientation today and there’s a possibility that I might do my first shift at the hospital tomorrow!

Sorry for the boring, informational post, but not much has happened since I’ve been here. I’m sure things will liven up soon 🙂